With over 20 years experience in tractor industry, Tan Hoe Machinery & Construction Sdn Bhd has shown tremendous growth potential. From tractor business in the early stage, we have expanded into crane business. Today, we are a leading mobile crane and skylift services provider in Johor, Malaysia and serve mainly customers in infrastructure, construction and earthwork.

Our core business activities are mobile crane, skylift and lorry services besides equipment rental. Our equipment rental business comprises the rental of tractor. As part of our equipment rental business, we also undertake several of construction which is currently being carried out mainly in Johor and others state.

Also, we have great facilities and strong supporting team which has expertise in construction of drainage. Often our lorry is being offered together with our crane as a package to customer who requires both services as part of thier projects needs. By this we can be considered as a one stop service provider in crane, lorry, skylift as well as tractor.

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